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Adieu, me dit cette pensée, je n’irai pas plus loin2018
Astre Blanc2011
Augusta Raurica2014
CCCB Scène Nationale2014
CND Pantin2016
Ca va2006
Ca va, a prefabricated movie theater2010
Centre d'Art Contemporain de Tours2012
Chaise Lambert2015
DTAOT: Combine (Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty, All Over Again)2006
Descendents of the Eunuch Admiral2010
Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty2004
Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty The Storyboard2010
Dr Jekyll & Mr Mouse2008
Drip feed2008
Dübendorf Schule2012
Extension de la collection Lambert en Avignon2015
Fata Morgana2013
Festival d'Avignon2007
Feuillet d'Hypnos, Unité d’habitation 3 jours2007
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From the sun to the cloud (from 3 000 k to 6 000 k)2014
Ghost Towns2009
Jour électrique2011
La Maison des Morts2006
La Maison des grands lacs2009
La Mort de Cleopatre / La Dame de Monte Carlo / Erwartung2014
La nuit est plus sombre avant l’aube2015
Le Jardin des diversions2013
Le déclin du jour2010
Les couleurs du ciel2016
Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place2006
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Mucem - Fort Saint-Jean2011
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Mystère -
No tears for the creatures of the night2017
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Pompidou Mobile2009
Pompidou Mobile2009
Public spaces and pavilions for the Lausanne EPFL2012
Sans Titre2006
Sans titre2010
Sans titre2012
Sans titre (André Le Nôtre)2011
Sans titre (Le Jardin des diversions)2013
Sans titre (Les ouvrières)2012
Sans titre (Pyrite)2012
Sans titre (Vallée de l'Asse)2014
Sans titre (the beam)2012
Sans titre series2011
Sommeil Nerveux (icosahedron light balls)2013
The Prophecy2008
Une clarté artificielle, jaune et pâle2016
Vanishing Point (RAL P2242)2011
White glazed2012

Sans titre (Le Jardin des diversions)

Creation of a public art on ARTEM campus
Nancy, France
Client: Solorem, Ville de Nancy
Team: Luke Gleeson, Théo Vachon, Corentin Vendryes, Paolo Migliori
Collaborator: Bollinger + Grohmann, France (Structural engineering)
Executive producer: Eva Albarran & Co

All at once sculpture, architecture, and garden, Le Jardin des diversions is constructed with materials commonly found in modern architecture: glass dyed in the mass and steel, fundamental materials of modern architecture. It is composed of six layers of glass panels dyed in black (38 percent transmission of light) that form a regular, 250 cm‑high grid of twenty-five 500 × 500 cm cells. A mirror when seen from outside the structure, the dyed material allows for the transmission of light and the transparency from one “layer” of the pavilion to the other but only to a certain extent. Wherever the observer finds him- or herself, the transparency is not total throughout the entire structure. The openings are set up so that the gaze cannot traverse the whole apparatus from north to south or from east to west. This pavilion is organized in a radioconcentric way, from the center to the periphery. But unlike the panoptical principle, the gaze, from the central cell, constantly runs up against a wall. Each layer of glass is qualified by the same degree of transparency. The accumulation of all of them produces a phenomenon of absorbance and therefore of the pavilion’s relative opacity.