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Adieu, me dit cette pensée, je n’irai pas plus loin2018
Altered States2011
Augusta Raurica2014
Campus Aquafin2018
Centre culturel Calvi-Balagne, Scène Nationale2014
Centre d'Art Contemporain de Tours2012
Centre national de la danse, Pantin2016
Chaise Lambert2015
Collection Lambert en Avignon2015
DTAOT: Combine (Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty, All Over Again)2006
Descendents of the Eunuch Admiral2010
Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty2004
Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty The Storyboard2010
Douy Delcupe2018
Dr Jekyll & Mr Mouse2008
Drip feed2008
Dübendorf Schule2012
ESAAA Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Annecy Alpes2017
Fata Morgana2013
Festival d'Avignon2007
Feuillet d'Hypnos, Unité d’habitation 3 jours2007
Folie L52015
From the sun to the cloud (from 3 000 k to 6 000 k)2014
Galerie du temps2019
Grand Opening2006
Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris2017
Institut pour la photographie, Lille2019
La Densità dello Spettro2012
La Maison des Morts2006
La Maison des grands lacs2009
La Mort de Cleopatre / La Dame de Monte Carlo / Erwartung2014
La nuit est plus sombre avant l’aube2015
Le Jardin des diversions2013
Le Pavillon du mouvement continu (Hypar)2019
Le Violon d’Ingres2018
Le déclin du jour2010
Les couleurs du ciel2016
Mademoiselle Julie2011
Magic carpet2013
Maison de la culture de Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny2013
Miss Julie2010
Mo.Co. Hôtel des collections2016
Mucem - Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille2011
No tears for the creatures of the night2017
Notus Loci2012
Par la contrainte2012
Planetarium Sorrow2013
Pompidou Mobile2009
Pompidou Mobile2009
Public spaces and pavilions for the Lausanne EPFL2012
Sans titre2010
Sans titre (Le Jardin des diversions)2013
Sans titre (Vallée de l'Asse)2014
Sommeil Nerveux (icosahedron light balls)2013
The Prophecy2008
Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers2018
Une clarté artificielle, jaune et pâle2016
Ça va2006
Ça va, a prefabricated movie theater2010
École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris-Cergy2019

Les couleurs du ciel

Berger&Berger, 2016
solo show at Galerie rueVisconti
former printing house of French novelist Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850)
collaborator: Theo Vachon

Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 09 h 42
Berger&Berger, 2015
NMNM Nouveau Musée National de Monaco collection
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 10 h 37
Berger&Berger, 2015
NMNM Nouveau Musée National de Monaco collection
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 11 h 02
Berger&Berger, 2015
NMNM Nouveau Musée National de Monaco collection
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 11 h 25
Berger&Berger, 2015
NMNM Nouveau Musée National de Monaco collection
Majastres, 20 juillet 2014, 12 h 21
Berger&Berger, 2015
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 14 h 32
Berger&Berger, 2015
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 16 h 51
Berger&Berger, 2015
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 18h44
8 digital photographic prints ink jet and silk screen prints thermochromic ink on baryta paper (40 x 32 cm). Edition of 1 + 1 EA. Courtesy of the artists.

Motif V
Denis Morog, 1972
Traditional concrete, sands and river aggregates rolled naturally. 3 x 30 x 66 cm. Unique piece.
NMNM Nouveau Musée National de Monaco collection

Intermédiaire IV
Denis Morog, 1975
Traditional concrete, sands and river aggregates rolled naturally. 6 x 36 x 215 cm. Unique piece.

Les couleurs du ciel (parisien et par temps découvert le 3 février 2016)
Laurent P. Berger, 2016
Acrylic paint on cardboard mounted on oak. Diameter: 40 cm. Unique piece. Courtesy of the artist.
Private collection

Chaise Lambert
Berger&Berger, 2015
Metal, sycamore.
Edition of 30.
Courtesy of the artist.
Private collections

Berger&Berger, 2015
36 digital prints on baryta paper, 36 crystal paper envelopes, 1 cardboard box and 1 frame. (40 x 33 x 7.5 cm.) Edition of 3 + 1 EA. Courtesy of the artists.

Sommeil nerveux
Berger&Berger, 2013
32 globes of silvery glass, metallic structure, 24 led sources, electric programmer.
Edition of 3+1AP.
Diameter: 75 cm
Created with the collaboration of CIAV (Meisenthal)
Courtesy of the artists.

Sans titre (Collection Lambert)
Laurent P. Berger, 2015
Series of drawings. Graphite on C to grain. 24 x 24 cm each.
Courtesy of the artist.
Private collections
Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Paris collection

Sans titre
Berger&Berger, 2016
Cellular glass, walnut. 16 x 55 x 765 cm. Unique piece . Courtesy of the artists

Le souffle
Berger&Berger, 2015
Glass, metal parts. 17 pieces of 12 (d) x 12 (h) cm. Unique piece.
Created with the collaboration of CIAV (Meisenthal)
Courtesy of the artists.

Sans titre (Atrium Collection Lambert)
Berger&Berger, 2016
Marble. 28 x 19 x 18 cm. Edition of 3 + 1 EA. Courtesy of the artists.
Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Paris collection

Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 09h42
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 10h37
Trévans 20 juillet 2014, 11h02
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 11h25
Majastres, 20 juillet 2014, 12h21
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 14h32
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 16h51
Trévans, 20 juillet 2014, 18h44
A series of prints combining text and photographic images. This serie of works on paper tries to reconstruct the progress of a march made on July 20, 2014 in the gorges of Trevans, commune of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.
This march involved the development of an artistic commission project in the landscape. Various geographic, geological, demographic, meteorological, and certain physiological data of the walker are associated with the shots.
This informations are silk screened with a reversible thermochromic ink, disappearing progressively above 21 ° C, the recommended temperature for the preservation of photographic prints.

Motif V
Intermédiaire IV
Fragments and prototypes, these objects are the work of the artist Denis Morog (1922 - 2003) and both form the elements of a material and plastic research on texture and light, associated with work on the large architectural scale and thoughts from the material and the processes that constitute it: the concrete and its implementation on site.

Les couleurs du ciel (parisien et par temps découvert le 3 février 2016)
The cyanometer, invented in 1784 by Swiss mountaineer and naturalist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, is an instrument for measuring the variations and intensity of the blue of the sky using the 53 chromatic values which constitute so many nuances of Cyan. By observing the sky in the mountains at different altitudes, the naturalist conceived this colored circle based on a blue gradient that served as a meteorological indicator. Its creator speculated that the color of the sky was linked to particles of water vapor suspended in the atmosphere.
This piece, composed of 61 values, painted on 3 February in Paris, is the recreation of this formal scientific invention, it gives exclusive measurement tool and representation of the sky at this date.

Chaise Lambert
The chair results from the coherent assembly of solid sycamore, the seat's thickness of 3cm and the back's 1,5cm board, with the steel structure, the legs and stiles of which are covered by a 0,25cm layer of the same wood.
The association of solid wood on a fine steel structure generates an exchange of forces, giving the finished object its stability and solidity. The wood is therefore not a visual, aesthetic cladding, but a structural element, bracing the chair in three dimensions.

Mistères is the edition version, reduction of the work Mystère (2012).
The latter consists of a series of 36 posters, each of which constitutes a combination of two complementary colors, opposite colors in the chromatic circle defined by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Printed in four-color, they are presented on advertising display media in the urban space.
The box contains all of these degraded color combinations in progressive "slip".
The chromaticity of each of these images is produced successively by the computer tool Adobe Photoshop and the digital printing method in RGB mode called subtractive synthesis. This new version is determined by the maximum number of pixels the print tool can process.
The "mystère", initially spelled "mistère" in french, is a theatrical genre appeared in the fifteenth century. It consisted of a succession of animated and dialogued pictures written for a very wide audience, implementing stories and legends whose imagination and popular belief had been nourished. The supernatural and the realism were side by side.

Sommeil nerveux
Sommeil Nerveux is made of a cluster of thirty-six silver-plated and varnished glass balls. This piece formalizes a ceiling lamp hung 1.50 m from the ground, housing the sources of light in twenty-four balls so that through a multitude of associations there appear as many regular geometric forms inscribed in the icosahedron formed by this chandelier.

Sans titre
This structure, made with 14 blocks of cellular glass, occupies the diagonal of the space of the gallery. Only the ends of this sculpture are in contact with the architectural elements. One end rests on the travertine floor, the other rests on the plinth. A solid walnut base allows this structure to cross the 765 cm which separate these two points in resisting the forces of tearing exerted by the tensioning of the blocks between them.
Cellular glass is obtained from the fusion of silica, the main component of glass, and graphite, which is used in pencil mines.

Le souffle
This work consists of a set of 17 objects in blown glass. It was realized at the international center of glass art of Meisenthal. Each of the objects constitutes simultaneously the unique element of a chromatic progression (fragment of the chromatic circle) and the singular rejection of an object blown and formed using a single mold for all 17 pieces. This work presents 17 variations of breaking of the object at the output of cane under the random and manual action of the blowers. The blown part inside the mold has been cut and removed. The mold used is from the collection of the art center. The pigment of color is applied artisanally by the blower, the formation of the glass object is therefore simultaneous with the appearance and the definition of its chromaticism.